Pond Bacteria

The right bacteria make a great addition to your pond, breaking down dead plants and other muck along the floor.  Furthermore, it can negate nitrates and phosphates that contribute to the proliferation of weeds and algae.  Leave it to our proprietary blend of pond bacteria to do the tough cleaning for you.  Our Pond Worx Pond Bacteria is non-toxic, natural, and will eat away at decaying vegetation, reducing odors and other factors that harm the natural balance of your pond or lake.

  • Safely consumes dead plant matter
  • Enhances good bacteria in your pond to create a clearer and beautiful look
  • Completely non-toxic for people, fish, farm animals, dogs, cats, birds, swimming, and plants
  • A single gallon can be applied to one surface acre, 4-6 feet deep every 30 days

Ounces of Product           Gallons of Pond Water

2.5                                         400

5                                            800

10                                          1600

20                                          3200